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Your garage door contains several different types of springs that all play a part in its safe operation. Although the springs weigh very little, they can hold up to the pressure of hundreds of pounds from your garage door. Unfortunately, springs are prone to breaking without warning when they become severely worn out. The problem becomes an emergency when the spring snaps while the garage door is up. It will fall and cause serious injury and damage to property.

Even when the spring breaks when the garage door is down, you don’t want to take the chance of repairing it by yourself. It is too risky and unpredictable. Leave it to the experts at Galaxy Garage Door Service who have had several years of experience and training dealing with this exact situation. Call us when you require garage door spring service in Lakewood, CA. If we notice that your springs are about to break during routine maintenance, we always replace them right away.

Torsion Springs

A torsion spring is a specific type of spring that allows your garage door to function appropriately. When you open the door either manually or electronically, the torsion springs quickly uncoil until the door is completely open. When you close it, the torsion springs uncoil just as quickly and go back to a resting position. If you look at the top of your garage door, you will notice a strong beam that transmits a signal to the torsion springs to allow them to do their job. Like all springs, torsion springs can snap suddenly due to age.

To someone not trained in garage door repair, all torsion springs may look the same. They actually have slight differences that make a big difference in how they operate. Some are long and narrow while others are short and round. They also have different sized wires. These variables determine how long the torsion springs might last before you need to replace them. When we inspect your garage door, we will give you a date estimate for getting new torsion springs.

Extension Springs 

Extension springs use a combination of extension and constriction to open your garage door. It is these springs that make it possible for our service technicians to place heavy machinery in your garage door system. Without them, the garage door would not be able to hold onto anything so dense. They also withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure and can break suddenly due to wear or inattention.